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01 Sep 2011
Launch of InfoEye Online Portal to Connect Offline World with Brands via Mobile

Welcome to the launch of our new website - InfoEye (, an online portal with an aim to bridge the offline audiences with the brands they love, via the mobile devices.

The InfoEye Online Platform is all about the patent-pending Image Information Technologies, which serve all industrial aspects for informative and interactive user experiences. Through this Website, you can know more about InfoEye and our Products & Services, featuring the highlighted InfoEye Mobile App. To look for a real experience, check out our Resources for the Apps download and other demonstration materials.

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01 Sep 2011
Fair TexWorld 2011 from 19th-22nd September in Paris

InfoEye will be first revealed at TexWorld 2011 during 19th-22nd September in France at Paris Le Bourget exhibition centre.

TexWorld is a major international exhibition for the garment and textile industry. Jointak, together with its France agent, will introduce the industry with this new garment Image Information Solution - InfoEye Mobile Application.

InfoEye will make a breakthrough to the garment and textile industry, which will benefit the garment manufacturers and fashion retailers with the sophisticated Image Information Technologies. Click here to know more about the show.

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