InfoEye™ keeps innovate and develop mark detection and related technologies, for different industries, at different purposes. All the developed technologies will be patented to protect your exclusive rights of ownership.
InfoEye™ Image Information Technologies refer to the unique content identification technologies, which enable use of mobile devices to detect and recognize image characteristics to identify all forms of content. The Technologies include various graphic analysis techniques to serve the purpose of embedding and detecting messages on the printed matters, and are currently under patent-pending applications.

The patent-pending Image Information Technologies allow enormous Informative, Interactive, and Enriched experiences through InfoEye finders and mobile devices. The Technologies can be widely used in various industries, to offer instant information and enhanced experiences for consumers - increasing sales, engagement and loyalty for product brands.

In the Garment Industry, Image Information Technologies can be applied on hangtags and packages such as paper bags, gift boxes and shopping bags. In the Retailing Industry, the Technologies can also help retail owners satisfy customers' shopping expectations and deliver them with a sense of shopping convenience and excitement.

With InfoEye, brands can deliver enhanced multimedia content through mobile devices to add value to products & services, and differentiate oneself from the competitors. Below shows the examples of how the Technologies can be applied in real life:

InfoEye can be applied at any product packaging with barcode attached. A small simple InfoEye finder can make a typical barcode more informative and interactive! Barcode traditionally is used for tracking sales & inventory record or payment purpose on a price tag; or it is used on member card for customer identification. InfoEye enables enhanced and enriched functions of barcode, which provide users with relevant products information, cross-selling products, related discounts offers, video and photos, via mobile devices.

InfoEye finder can also be part of the hangtag design and printed on almost all material types of tags such as paper, fabric and plastic. The Technologies can even be applied on hangtag without distortion on original artwork. Simply use the App to scan the InfoEye finder, and then the image characteristics of hangtag. Users can immediately read the relevant product information and offers on the mobile screen.