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We connect consumers with the brands they love via the mobile devices.
Smartphone and Tablet PC are changing the world and our everyday lives. We are not just Speaking on phone, but Seeing, Surfing and even Shopping via mobile. The rise of Smartphone and future potential of mobile market presents the infinite market opportunity to deliver value-added products and services of all industries.
We bring you the vision of our future. The InfoEye Platform bridges the offline world with the mobile web, by providing the Image Information Technologies via

InfoEye™ has developed a sophisticated Mobile Application which can recognize all the Image Information Technologies through a simple finder signal. The Mobile App can INSTANTLY and ACCURATELY recognize the InfoEye finder and image characteristics to retrieve all forms of content include text, image, audio and video from data server.

The InfoEye Mobile App is applicable to almost ALL industries include advertising & media, publishing, fashion & garment and retailing etc. It makes printed materials interactive and informative to aid purchasing decisions. It can also create enhanced packaging that links consumers to discounts and coupons, cross-and up-selling products. The App helps extend consumer engagement at the highest point of interest, differentiate brand, maintain member loyalty, and even facilitate all kinds of promotional campaigns.

  • Brand Owners
  • Retailers
  • Media
  • Agencies
  • Consumers
  • Products Information
  • Cross-selling products
  • Coupon/Discount Offers
  • Multimedia Content
  • Social Media Connects
  • Membership System
  • Payment System
  • Add Value to products/services
  • Visualize product benefits
  • Enrich shopping experiences
  • Reinforce buying decision
  • Increase sales flow
  • Enhance inventory management
How to Use?
Download the FREE InfoEye™ App
Look for the InfoEye™ Finder
Scan it with the installed Mobile App
Read relevant information on the mobile screen

InfoEye Online Portal provides a platform to further extend the printed media via patent-pending Invisible Mark Detection & Related Technologies. It is a Mobile User platform that will provide sustainable traffic of "Shoppers" or "Offer Hunters", and is a Sales Platform to the merchants with nearly no setup cost. We also create a Content Management System (CMS) Platform that allows easy uploading of "Product Info" and "Coupons & Offers".

This Online Platform, providing Image Information Technologies, is unique in the Industry.

  • Dynamic Functionality
  • Easy-to-use CMS backend
  • Sustainable traffic
  • One-stop services
  • Widespread & commercialized use
  • User-friendly Interfaces
  • Flexible payment system

InfoEye Online Platform benefits a wide range of industries. We offer 4 types of customized features to meet your specific needs:


Product Information (Text, Image, Audio & Video), Related Products, Cross-Selling Products, Coupon Offering (Read-only), Comments (Read-only)

Member Only

Coupon Offering (Read & Get), Mobile Purchase, Membership, Loyalty, Social Media, Comments, Offline Use


Analytics include Number of scans, Viewer-ship, Unique users, Demographics, conversions etc.


Inventory Management, Equipment tracking, Sales force fulfillment, POS coupon, Ticket redemption

How to Use?
Create your Free trial / Member account
Create and manage your individual project
Upload artwork for embedding multimedia content
Get the technology output delivered by us