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We connect consumers with the brands they love via the mobile devices.
Smartphone and Tablet PC are changing the world and our everyday lives. We are not just Speaking on phone, but Seeing, Surfing and even Shopping via mobile. The rise of Smartphone and future potential of mobile market presents the infinite market opportunity to deliver value-added products and services of all industries.

The InfoEye™ App is applicable to all the Image Information Technologies (under patent-pending). Through a simple small-size InfoEye Finder, the App can immediately recognize which suitable technology to be used for detecting the image characteristics and retrieving the relevant information from data server.

InfoEye™ Finder has a much larger data capacity than QR code or conventional barcode has. Simply through a small finder, extensive data can be stored and revealed. Apart from maximizing data capacity, InfoEye also enables recognition of all forms of media, which require large storage space such as video and sound clips. The small finder's size also avoids the distortion of artwork.

InfoEye™ can deliver rich media experiences via mobile devices. Image Information Technologies allow encoding and decoding of multimedia content, but not limit to text, symbol or URL. It allows enriched content forms include high quality images, audio and video. The dynamic media enhance user experience to be informative and interactive, creating highest point of interest to your audiences.

InfoEye™ App and finder can be applied to different lighting environment. The Mobile App can instantly and accurately recognize the InfoEye finder and image characteristics to retrieve all forms of content include text, image, audio and video from data server, without much obstacles.

InfoEye™ creates a Content Management System (CMS) Platform that allows easy uploading of "Product Info" and "Coupons & Offers". The CMS is easy to use and does not require specialized technical knowledge. Besides the change of frontend content, our CMS allows convenient backend control of the "Inventory System" and "Ticket Redemption" at real-time.